The term ‘Modern Maven Studio’ or ‘Modern Maven’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ or ‘we’ refers to Modern Maven Studio (ABN 78 621 921 932), the owner of the website. The term ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the website user.

You are  authorising MODERN MAVEN as a provider for ongoing website maintenance services.

What IS included in this agreement:

  • A multi-page report about your websites analytics, performance, security, SEO ranking, backups, uptime monitoring.
  • A valid theme license – this ensures your theme is always up to date.
  • A valid page builder license – this ensures your website is always up to date.
  • Tech support from Modern Maven as outlined on the invoice
  • Ensure the backups of your website are successful
  • Update your theme files
  • Update your plugin files
  • Update the core WordPress file if needed
  • Clear any spam comments on blog posts

What is NOT included in this agreement:
Web site edits, redesign, re-alignment or re-development.

Total Agreement:
MODERN MAVEN STUDIO shall provide you with minor updates to the website for an indefinite period. YOU agree to pay MODERN MAVEN STUDIO on an ongoing Monthly Basis (or annual if opted) with an invoice issued on the 20th of each month and payment due by 27th of each month.
A late fee of $20 will be applied to the invoice if payment is not received by the due date.
During the duration of this agreement, YOU agrees that MODERN MAVEN STUDIO will be the sole provider of maintenance services for the website, and no other party will have access to or rights to change the website. If a party other than MODERN MAVEN STUDIO makes changes to the website, any errors that are created must be repaired and will be charged for at the hourly rate specified above.

Deadlines & Deliverables:
MODERN MAVEN STUDIO will respond to all maintenance requests from YOU within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends, via email or phone, with a confirmation that the request was received, and an estimated completion date for each action item in the request. Maintenance requests received after 16:00 AEST may not be completed until the next business day unless prior arrangements have been made. Most work will be done within this time frame, this is mostly precautionary.
MODERN MAVEN STUDIO will adhere to all quoted deadlines for the deliverables in the maintenance requests at all possible costs. In the event that MODERN MAVEN STUDIO has any issues in delivering on a quoted deadline, YOU will be notified via email or telephone the reasoning for any change.

Additional Services:
Any revisions, additions or redesign  YOU request MODERN MAVEN STUDIO to perform that is not specified in this document shall be considered “additional” and will require separate agreement and payment. MODERN MAVEN STUDIO shall advise YOU on any requested work that falls within these bounds.
Services not considered ‘standard website maintenance’ are subject to be charged at a regular hourly rate (subject to change without notice), and will not be considered part of this agreement.

YOU hereby authorise MODERN MAVEN STUDIO to access your web hosting account, providing active user name / password combinations for access to the server.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia applicable therein.

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