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I want you to remember buying your first car. At the time, it was probably one of the best days of your life. Your most prized possession. In order to keep your car running perfectly, you needed to add petrol, have it regularly serviced and take out insurance to protect you and others.

Your website is not much different. The success of your website AND business relies on how well your website performs. In order for your website to perform, you need to add fresh content, have it regularly updated and make sure it’s protected against hackers and bots.

Why is website maintenance so important?

You’d be crazy to buy a new car and never get it serviced, right?! Your website is no different. You’d invested a great deal into your website so maintaining your best sales person is a MUST. The wild web is constantly changing and evolving and so is the WordPress software, plugins and themes and staying up to date with the changes will ensure your website is always performing at it’s best.

All good web designers and developers offer ongoing maintenance to their clients

Why? Because we understand how important it is to protect and maintain your best business asset. My Website Care Plan runs like a well oiled machine. My system runs the updates and backups of your website daily. It checks the websites performance, tracks visitors stats and SEO keywords. It optimises the database so your page speed is lightening fast. It scans for malware and vulnerabilities daily. And the sweet bonus I give all my clients is packaged up in a monthly multi-page report

How much does a website maintenance cost?

The cost varies depending on how basic or how complex a website is and whats included. I’ve seen prices start at $19 a month and I’ve seen some agencies charge up to $300 a month. 

Websites that don’t add regular content or collect suer information can get away with a basic website care plain. And websites that have more than 15 pages and shopping carts should really be looking at a top notch website care plan so their website is better protected and secure.


Caring for your website is always cheaper than fixing it! Trying to handle your own website maintenance is like trying to fix your own car. You’re not a mechanic and your time is better spent in your wooing your clients. It’s best to leave the mechanics of your website to a professional who knows and understands your website better than you do. 

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