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Denise is the complete opposite of what you’d expect about scientists. A rebrand was definitely needed before we started the website design so The Luxe Co. girls did a stellar job giving Denise a new business name, logo and fresh colour palette to match Denise’s vision.

Denise is a geneticist and nutritionist and we really wanted to showcase her academic research in a non-boring way, her workshops, events and public speaking services.

The direction was natural but still stylish and mature. Her coastal lifestyle is enhanced by the water imagery and the fonts were kept simple and modern to attract her ideal client.

By The Luxe Co

This is one of my fav web designs of the year and I was awestruck by how decisive and clear Denise’s vision was from the start. It was a pleasure to build, design and develop this website for her.


“As a long time business owner, but budding online entrepreneur there is a lot I don’t know about the online world. I can’t recommend Brooke enough, not only did she create a website that I love she has become my go to speedy designer of landing pages, thank you pages and all things online that need to look polished and professional. Her creative flare and timely responses are a dream come true!”