Don’t eff up … read this before you hire a web designer

So you want a website? Easy done. Anyone can build and design a website these days.

However, let me ask you this! Do you want a website that converts web visitors into customers and clients? Of course you do! 

I hear about people spending good money on their website (and it is good money because you’re investing in your business) but then customers and clients bounce away because the website doesn’t do its job.

*Face palm*

It’s a costly error. Time is money, people.

So let me give you some advice before you hire a web designer next time:


1. Web development is pricey and superior. It also means you need to hire a developer every time you make a change to the website because everything is coded from scratch. That’s why I love being a Web Designer – I get to create a website that my clients can easily make changes to themselves because I use a theme that is customisable and comes with supporting documentation. A win for everyone.

2. Learning about your ideal client and target market is the key to designing a website that converts. It’s my job to make sure your branding is on point – we don’t want to scare away your ideal professional lawyer with pre-school fonts and rainbow colours. A website needs to appeal to their emotional needs cause that’s where you’ll make money.

3. Next, I need to make sure that the website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and has loads of Calls-To-Action buttons. Having a pretty website is great and all, but your website needs to work hard like Kim Kardashian’s assistant.

4. SEO. Not sure what it is? SEO is ensuring your website can be found on search engines – like Google. By simply entering keywords and phrases on each web page, you are offering search engines a way to find you. So it’s kinda, sorta, major that your web designer can add your SEO keywords and phrases to your website. A plugin like Yoast is perfect for this!

5. Define the conversion objective. Tell your web designer that you want more calls, more leads, more sales, more sign-ups. Every website has an objective so define it and make this your focus when setting up a website.

6. Social Media. Durr! Pretty much every person I know is on it and using it. Make sure there are buttons/icons in the header or footer so your visitors can follow you. Getting them to follow you on social media ensures you can get in their face to advertise your latest product or offering.

7. Get them to install Google Analytics. That way you can begin to track the behaviour of your web visitors. How long are they staying on your website? What web pages are they viewing? Where are they located?

8. Newsletter opt-in is …hmmmmm … how do I say this? IT’S AS IMPORTANT AS FLOSSING!  That’s right, I’m screaming the words at you so you’ll remember this point! Building a list of potential clients and customers is the key to your business success. You need to provide epic copy that people crave, an offer or incentive that will blow their socks off. It’s the perfect method to showcase a new product or package. My favourite online marketing platform is Mailchimp so sign up and start building that list folks.

9. Don’t even bother with Wix, Weebly or SquareSpace. You’ll just waste time and money and end up hating it. is where it’s at honey bun. WordPress has thousands of plugins that allow your website to grow and evolve. It’s loved by Google and if you love your business and value it, you’ll choose wisely and go with

10. Choose a web designer that makes your stomach do backflips – in good elation kinda way. It’ll make the process fun and so much more enjoyable. Just be sure their vibe excites you and their portfolio and testimonials are legit. I’m sure the web guys and web girls in Pakistan are fun and all, but do they send you amazing gifts at Christmas time? 

So I think that about covers it. I want your website to be an asset that works hard for you and it’s important to spend good money on something that works so you can use all that extra money you make on things like marketing.

Start how you want to finish. And if you have any questions or want to work with me, just holler girl – contact Brooke.

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