Avoid these website mistakes

Have you ever executed an epic marketing campaign and tumbleweeds rolls across your screen? No purchases. No leads. No new clients. What the actual F***?

Then it hits you! Your marketing campaign was as useless as a prostitute in a church. Your website isn’t converting visitors and you’ve wasted all that time on a campaign to swoon your customers when instead they’ve clicked and exited via the backdoor. Your website needs to be AH-MAZ-ING in order to draw in your customer. You need to dangle that carrot/cocktail/shiny bracelet right in front of their faces and help them click around your website to satisfy their curiosity and buy something.

Building a website is tough. It’s a step out of your comfort zone and most peeps have no idea what gets clicks and what gets you paid. But you have to get it right! Cause if you get it wrong, no one will see you and no one will find you. It’s like building a bricks and mortar store in the back alley that no one walks down.

Lucky for you, I build custom websites that bring in the customers and that YOU can maintain. So if you’re time poor and need an expert maven to get your website revamped or started, just holler

In the meantime, here is my little list of mistakes to avoid when designing a website. Ready! Set! Go!


Your copy needs to be as exciting as a mozzie at a nudist camp. It needs to be well written, concise and offers compelling words that your ideal client will lap up. If you’re not good with words, outsource lady. Find a good copywriter, inject some SEO keywords and you’ll be climbing that Google search engine ladder in no time. It’s also super important that your words show your branding and personality. Customers need to connect so use your copy as an opportunity to express your personality and engage with them.


Great for Insta! Not so great for websites. There are two things you should spend your money on when it comes to your business. Branding and Images baby. Cringe-worthy stock images will have your customer pivoting and clicking off your website. Instead, hire a photographer who can create original images that REPRESENT your branding and story. The images will set the tone for your business. My fav website is Stocksy for non-cheese photos.


Simple is Queen! Make it easy for your visitors to navigate around the site. Keep it clean. Give lots of white space and most of all keep your branding consistent. That means using your brand fonts, colours and similar imagery to engage. Monitor the load speed regularly and update your content fresh. You want your visitors to keep coming back and checking out your products and services more than once a year.

Need help with your website. Just holler my lovely and we’ll be sipping celebration mojitos in no time. CLICK HERE

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